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regions mapRegion codes "Weather on Your Mobile" Service

This project is aimed at covering weather information, no matter where exactly in Armenia You live. If You are travelling somewhere in the country, or visiting a place where there is no TV or radio available, You can get weather forecast right on Your mobile! The quick and easy usage of this service attracts hundreds of requests all over Armenia every day.
To get all the region codes of Armenia, it is necessary to send 15 to 1004. You will immediately get the list of codes for all the regions. Saving this message will make it possible to request the forecast weather any moment and no matter where exactly in Armenia You are in, or planning to visit. Just send the corresponding code to 1004.
For example, the code of Yerevan is 11. Therefore, one should type 11 in SMS body, and send it to number 1004 to get weather forecast for Yerevan for the next day.

For all regions' codes send 15. For Armenia rest resorts' weather send 17, For tatev send 14.
*One SMS cost is 120 AMD including AVT.

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