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This is the official website of Meteo-TV Company, Armenia, that covers weather forecast for Armenia and Karabakh by regions.
The site is available in Armenian, Russian and English, updated daily, it provides Video Forecast, free weather widget for Your site, data in XML and RSS, information about Meteo-TV staff , Virtual and Sound recording studios, Sound mastering and development, advertising campaigns.
You can find information about weather forecast programs on Armenian TV-channels and "Weather on Your Mobile" project as well.

*Drawing Your attention at point 4: there are both weather forecast text and video-versions available on the page. Video forecast is presented by Sona Verdyan.

This package includes:

  • 250px x 100px banner placing above the video-forecast
  • logo placing within the video - in the right upper corner
  • verbal advertising: an unusual and mighty tool in web - a slogan or an ad can be pronounced by the presenter.

Total price for point 4 package is 120 000AMD including VAT.

If You wish to place your banner on, please send us a message from the feedback page, or contact us via email , which is preferred, or simply call (+37410) 34 98 92, 11 a.m. to 17 p.m.



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